Weekend Specials for January 11th-13th, 2019

prime rib –10 oz– $18 / 14 oz–$21 / 28 oz–$26

chicken royal — $21
pan seared chicken/shrimp/asparagus/sea scallops/jumbo lump crab/lobster sauce/yukon golds

too cool for school — $20
bone-in frenched pork chop/prosciutto goat cheese stuffing/spinach bacon marsala cream/black pepper risotto

that’s all folks — $18
pork belly/brussel sprouts/red and yellow peppers/bok choy/white rice/ponzu/goat cheese

steak and shrimp — $16
6 oz filet of sirloin/2 teriyaki shrimp skewers/twice baked potato

oscar the grouch — $21
salmon/crab/shrimp/asparagus/lemon basil cream/hollandaise/amish egg noodles

ahi tuna — $10
mango basil/ponzu/raspberry heat/pickled ginger/wasabi

vegetable — general tso’s brussel sprouts with goat cheese

beer flights — $10/12
4 draft samples of your choice

mystery beers — $4

featured desserts de teresa — $6
bread pudding/gluten free strawberry shortcake

“the meal I promise and serve is my reputation. if you enjoy, tell others. if not, tell me.” — talbot