Weekend Specials for January 17th and 18th (Friday and Saturday)

prime rib –10 oz– $18 / 14 oz–$21 / 28 oz–$26

mac is my middle name — $26
lobster/sea scallops/gulf shrimp/aged white cheddar mac n’ cheese/butter panko bread crumbs/scallion/smoked gouda

back in the saddle — $19
bay scallops/sliced ahi/cilantro szechuan lime miso/scallion/corn/egg/wonton strips/ramen

the happy dance — $19
chicken/drunken goat cheese risotto/arugula/rrp smear/peppadew parma rosa

steak and shrimp — $17
6 oz filet of sirloin/2 teriyaki shrimp skewers/twice baked potato

whatever is clever — $30
prime sirloin/sea scallops/pork belly/roasted root vegetable puree/shrimp skewers/pomegranate melon gastrique

on the board — $16
charcuterie/ask for details/we did it right

vegetable — roasted turnip/parsnip/sweet potato

beer flights — $10/12
4 six oz pours of your choice

ventisei wines

featured desserts
gluten free triple chocolate/tiramisu cheesecake/macaroon

“the meal I promise and serve is my reputation. if you enjoy, tell others. if not, tell me.” — talbot